Luce di Carrara & La Triennale di Milano

a project by BBMDS in collaboration with Luce di Carrara Marmo

Luce di Carrara Marmo, in collaboration with with the BBMDS architecture and design studio, explores the basic concept of "home", the space intended as a place where to live but not only: the home as a container of experiences, stories, memories, made unique by those that live there. The house as a shape, from which replicate born villages, towns, cities.

From the reality, where every living space can be the same in size but different in substance, is born the project of 999 mini houses in marble, each one different, unique, not replicable, with its own personality. 999 mini houses exhibited in a serial way to create an ideal urban model.

A multiple with an essential shape, an iconic design object, the project presented at the Triennale is made unique by marble, noble and precious material that gives its essence to even the smallest object. Here the creative act of BBMDS takes shape from the stone for excellence, of which every minimal part is used.

Luce di Carrara Marmo is the design brand of Henraux Spa, an industry with high performances in marble processing, on the world market for two hundred years and which has always combined tradition and the future in its operational fields: Architecture, Art and Design.

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