10th edition of AD intérieurs “Metamorphoses”

Come visit our bathroom decor created for this year's 10th anniversary edition of AD intérieurs starting from the 4th of September at Hotel de Coulanges until the 22th of September

Designers : Humber&Poyet
Marbles: Luce di Carrara
Bathtub and Shower Tray In verde Alpi
Freestanding sink in Statuario Altissimo

Thanks to Humber&Poyet for giving us the opportunity to work together
in this project. The essence of our Statuario Altissimo Marble and Green Alps have been translated by Humber&Poyet in design
with a minimalistic and elegant perspective.
For this year's theme "Metamorphosis" a bathroom was designed in a neoclassic spirit inspired by the architecture of Palladian Villas. The decor's proportions give the impression of walking into a perfectly symmetrical temple. The strong volumes contrast with the softness of the materials. The arches are ornamented with scales that were carved and metallized.

The wall decor surrounds two benches in the center of the space that are covered with velvet. The sculpted bath from a solid block of green marble and the theatrical shower, shaped like a brass cage, are the centerpieces of the space.