Limited edition

Luce di Carrara is now presenting a series of new design projects following the first collection dedicated exclusively to the materials and coordinated by Michael Anastassiades. From the materials to the new form, marble, with all its expressive and functional variables, represents matter and reason as well as the intrinsic and essential nature of these objects. From the architectural space to product design, Luce di Carrara forms an exclusive fil rouge between the precious nature of its marbles and a series of objects that form collections. Here, next to the choice of the different stone materials, which the company offers each designer, there is the extraordinary artisanship of a corporate team. Their highly creative and technical profile enables them to interpret and give an accomplished look to the various projects.

The Miracle Chips by Michael Anastassiades, which show prodigious design capacity, the prerogative of a historical company like Henraux and a territory permeated by the culture of marble like the Apuan Alps, are now accompanied by the new collection. Divided into two complementary product types, the Living room and the Bathroom, this collection sparks an aesthetic and material dialogue meeting a series of requirements for today’s new living spaces. Paolo and Michela Baldessari, Lorenzo Damiani, Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda have drawn objects with design solutions that are versatile and above all useful, both in terms of their setting and the general system of décor. The functions are clear, but especially clear are the different stone materials that enrich the aesthetic dimension, virtually asserting an association to ancient history alongside the languages of contemporary design and architecture.

Luce di Carrara belongs to a unique territory, a past characterised by boundless history rooted in artisan and industrial tradition that can express the contemporary. It is the interpretation of modernity projected into the future while recognising and not forgetting history. Today, Michael Anastassiades, Paolo e Michela Baldessari, Lorenzo Damiani, Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda speak to us with their products while memory takes us straight to the origins of a distant aesthetic culture, the Renaissance period when the art workshops were the natural expression of the genius loci.

Designed by Scholten & Baijings
Miracle Chips
Designed by Michael Anastassiades