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Heritage of the brand: industrial and technological advanced, establishing working relations with architects, designer and artist.

  • COHERENCE: the project includes both territorial and product coherence, where all stages, from design to production, merchandising and communications, are coordinated by one vision: One vision focused on a new way of experiencing marble that has its origin in the centuries-old tradition of Henraux
  • STYLE: Marble is not just a word, it is a style, a way of seeing and translate the world of things. For designers all over the world, Luce di Carrara means having a material, a language and a flexible design composition, but with no imposition of one single style because it contains all the styles.
  • TERRITORY OF CARRARA: as project that will remind a territory, that belongs to the Made in Italy brand. This is thanks to two qualities: Marble and Men, who from Michelangelo till today’s young architects, have been able to turn it into work that can’t be replicate elsewhere
  • MODERNITY: the contemporary world is part of Luce di Cararra Project. It’s the different interpretation of our products, that will make our company a unique reference for designing the new