Lucinato XL

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Born out of the embracing the concept of an architectural project, we customized our existing product turning what was a tailor-made version into a standardized product.

Lucinato XL, just like its counterpart Lucinato, uses sandblasting to create repeating lines of bicoloured marble. This surface is characterized by a wider series of parallel, honed, and sandblasted lines that cross the slab. When applied on a wall, these areas of transitions generate the perception of textures, even though they feel completely flat to the touch. With Lucinato XL the alternation of different territories of marble allows the colour of the stone to stand out even more, providing a glimpse of its purest and rawest form. With its larger size it emphasizes the perception of two different materials lying side by side, yet in reality, it forms a single seamless wall covering that is easy to install.