Cover D

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As a natural extension of Luce Di Carrara’s ‘Total Look’ vision, Cover D is a flush-mounted door system specially designed to be clad with one of our many texturized wall coverings.

It is suitable for both interior and exterior use and allows for almost seamless transitions between wall and door. This creates an environment where the door becomes a simple extension of the wall, perfectly blending in with the rest of the ambience. Thanks to our selection of textures, the door can harmonise with the wall and floor claddings, to generate a perfect synthesis of functionality and decoration. The varying dimensions of doors in the architectural landscape mean that in the case of Cover D it is possible to design custom sized door coverings with a single slab in one of our many textures. This is not only an expression of Luce Di Carrara’s manufacturing capabilities, but it also allows the marble to express its natural splendour.