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‘Per via di levare’: with this statement Michelangelo expresses the concept of the pre-existence enclosed in the rigour of a marble block.

A liberation from the plasticity of matter to achieve the form it expresses. Marble working has ancient origins and despite the apparent hardness of the material extracted from the quarry, it manages to ‘obey like wax’, giving a sense of lightness and movement. Volute is the name of this object made by the expert hands – and technology – of the artisans of Luce Di Carrara. Sitting on a rock gives a sense of ancient protection through its stability, but also of a uncommon and unexpected softness that is not only visual. The chaise longue is created as a soft, continuous line without joints or seams. An element obtained using the latest technology from a single block of marble, carefully selected considering the veining and natural patterns that only this stone can offer. From here, the surface is smoothed to give the feeling of comfort and lightness. The collection also includes outdoor chairs and tables that seamlessly blend into any home interior. The chaise longue is an object of thought that directs ones gaze upwards and turn thoughts to infinity.