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The Underground trays combine wood and marble, placing two materials in perfect juxtaposition in which each one creates an area with a specific function.

Their contrast blends in perfect harmony, visually distinguishing the features of the object. The color and weight of these two distinct materials are complemented and enriched with intricate details enhanced by the hands of our artisans. Their combination always offers infinite color and veins variations, presenting each of their unique features and outlining the object you place in them. The trays come in two sizes and can be used to organize and prioritize your personal items by creating two levels of hierarchy. The container is perfect for holding bigger objects, both vertically and horizontally, while the wooden plank can help you collect, protect and display your smaller items. Ideal for holiday creams, perfumes and jewelry, the trays are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of marble luxury to their daily self-care routine. Thank you to the two sizes, they can be used anywhere, from bedrooms to bathrooms, and are always ready to showcase your most precious objects. These trays are highly versatile and bring a little touch of nature to any of our homes.