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Tube was born out of the desire to create a simple yet elegant bathroom system that reduces the structure to its bare essence.

The collection features a lightweight, blank structure that functions as a canvas for assembling your necessities, resembling a shelving system. Unlike most of Luce Di Carrara’s products, the protagonists of this collection are two wooden tubes held up by metal tubes. These parallel wooden lines allow for the addition of one of our beautiful sinks, thus finally turning them into a bathroom system. The sinks are designed to be compact and space saving, giving everyone the opportunity to add a dash of marble to their home. The collection is then completed with portable storage trays with handles, allowing for easy rearrangement according to daily routines and serving as vessels that gently slide side to side. The Tube shelving system also extends beyond the wall and into the compact ofuru inspired bathtubs, where you can hang or display your bathing essentials. The bathtubs are enhanced by an adjustable backrest that easily adapts to anyone’s posture. Last but not least, Tube also features a unique deck that elevates you while showering and when getting out of the bathtub.