Solid Pattern

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A contemporary collection of tables created thanks to the noble characteristics of marble.

Solid Patterns are five marble tables whose peculiarity is that they’re are uniquely engraved using advanced CNC robotic milling technology, which intricately etches grids and lines into the surface for a distinctive and precise finish. The varying sizes of both the tabletop shapes and those of the legs create a dialogue between technical innovation and the organic material. The collection highlights the contrast between a graphic concept and the transparency of the material itself. Each table features its own style of engraving. For example, the largest table in the series can be used as a dining or conference table. Its base is made of a single white-beige marble block embellished with a subtle pattern of vertical lines. On the other hand, the medium version of the table is covered with a square pattern traversed by diagonal lines shallowly engraved on marble.