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The Sartoriale collection designed for Luce di Carrara features different complements sharing a common trait: a gentle engraving that calms the perception of the typical marble’s solidity.

The outline of Sartoriale’s oval bathtub accentuates the outer texture – the main hallmark of the collection – to convey an optical effect of softness. A continuous vertical line recurs around the entire perimeter of the complement and creates a pleasing ‘V’ design evident on the top. The circular freestanding washbasin, as well as the oval counter version, accurately reflect the distinctive texture of the collection. On the other hand, the polished inner surface presents a gentle junction between the vertical wall and the horizontal plane, to generate and amplify a sense of gracefulness. Finally, texture and softness are still the dominant features in the shelf and mirror, particularly frontally for the former, laterally for the latter.