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Like a pier in a port elevating people as they transit from place to place, the Porto coffee table elevates your objects with its presence.

The coffee table takes inspiration from the aesthetic of piers, with their slender tops and chunky legs sticking out of the water, carrying your favorite objects as they move through the marble top, lounging and relaxing as we experience our lives surrounded by these natural materials. Just like the ports of Tuscany that ship and transport marble all around the world, this coffee table allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of marble and let it infuse your surroundings with its presence. It can be the centerpiece of any living room as well as a perfect side companion for your sofa. The Porto coffee table is available in a selection of sizes and plays with proportions, both in height and volume, to combine the marble top with four wooden legs. This interplay of proportions tricks the onlookers and their perception of the object. The marble top seems lighter, while the wooden legs feel heavy and planted all in perfect balance, while challenging one’s own age-old ideas about these materials. The result is a perfect contrast between weight and functionality, a piece made of marble yet light and easy to move around.