Passato Imperfetto & Futuro Perfetto

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With its unique set of tableware featuring an ethical use of materials at its core, the collection is created by resembling the scrap and leftovers of other projects.

Slabs of marble of different shapes and materials are meticulously reassembled to form an entirely new block of marble, giving a second life to the stone. The fusion of these random pieces creates a unique set of tableware where no piece is identical, varying depending on what was used in its creation. The collections are available in Futuro Perfetto, which celebrates industrial tooling and the ability to create a perfect mise en place, and Passato Imperfetto, which exalts the raw nature of stone, its imperfection, and how this can be translated into a beautiful tableware collection. With such a variety of plate types and such contrasting aesthetics, there is something for everyone at the dining table.