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Passage is one of the most versatile systems offered by Luce Di Carrara. It utilizes a series of assembled slabs to create monolithic cabinets and storage solutions, enriched with sinks and bathtubs to enhance functionality.

The simple geometries of the storage units are complemented by the soft curves of the functional elements, creating the perfect balance of marble geometries. Passage includes a range of organizing solutions, from freestanding vanities to wall-mounted units, ideal for homes, restaurants and hotels. The flexibility of the solution enables it to be remixed to fit different situations thanks to its slabs. The interiors of the cabinets are enriched with fine wood compartments that can keep all your essentials. The intersection of the slabs creates a unique hollow top surface that serves as easily accessible storage, reducing visual clutter in the bathroom. This collection acts as a passage that layers different types of storage, providing a practical and distinctive solution. Design: Attila Veress