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The Oscar Collection reflects the company’s philosophy of producing solutions that convey well-being, uniqueness and beauty through a careful selection of the employed materials.

Luce di Carrara, in collaboration with the architecture studio Archea Associati, presents a line of bathroom accessories and decorations. From the extrusion of the letter ‘O’ in Oscar, the bathroom products designed to enrich any wall come to life. The combination of marble elements in different shades with continuous metal lines shows the extreme precision in the use and processing of the material – in which this company is a leader – thus enhancing the refinement of items. The strong link between marble and the languages of contemporary design and architecture emphasises the aesthetic dimension. The development of elementary geometries results in continuous tubular elements which extend over different vertical surfaces and always rotate with the same radius of curvature. The tubular brass structure – with a regular diameter of 16 mm – is deformed to suit its intended function through an expert construction technique. Three metal finishes (black nickel, burnished brass and copper) can be matched with as many types of marble, responding with elegance and versatility to any type of surface and requirement and thus becoming a coat stand, a towel rail, a mirror, a lighting element or a simple décor.