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OMO is a set of essential forms meant to represent people. In the spirit of ‘Living Marble’, each figure is unique, featuring different materials, textures, and colors, remaining diverse yet cohesive.

Grouped together they represent the essence of humanity, of people, of the collective, of family – unifying, gathering, congregating, sharing. The name OMO alludes to ‘homo’, Latin for “man”, and ‘Omo’, Latin for ‘shoulder’. OMO sculptures continue a lineage of abstractions and simplifications of the human figure, inspired by portable art from the Upper Paleolithic period, Early Cycladic art, African figures, and 1800s Japanese Kokeshi dolls, as well as abstracted figurative art from Brancusi, Noguchi, Gormley, Moore, and Shapiro. With a variety of dimensions and shapes, they transform from singular humble forms, into an imposing almost sculptural crowd when assembled in larger and larger groups.