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Inspired by the aesthetics and function of newspaper sticks, this object holder combines a marble container divided into two compartments with a distinctive asymmetrical lid made of wood and marble.

It is exactly this asymmetry that makes it mysterious and intriguing. This quirk in the design creates a unique interaction with the object, with the wooden tube acting as a fulcrum and a handle that allows the lid to assume different positions, closed or open, left or right. The flipping of the lid, like newspaper pages or the turning of a fan, assumes distinct positions for presenting, hiding and protecting your messages and everyday objects. Whether you prioritize protecting them or exploring their contents, this object will always entice you to turn its pages and discover what lies within. Like a newspaper, the container always has a good story waiting to be discovered. With its materials and form, it is a perfect welcome home, a companion for objects in transit, a place to empty one’s pockets and a messenger all in one. Versatile and playful, it can find a place in any room and can assume different roles mixing simple gestures, mechanisms and geometries to surround yourself with the warmth of marble.