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The Monolithos bathroom collection features a unique blend of wood and marble, incorporating a variety of components such as a bathtub, shower, countertop, freestanding washbasins and towel rails.

Each piece is characterized by simple geometric shapes with rounded profiles, complemented by a functional and compositional wooden accessory. The Monolithos collection represents a design research to minimize the use of marble while achieving a bathtub that appears to be carved from a single block. The bathtub is the centerpiece of the collection, made up of three marble components and one wooden element. Through advanced technologies and procedures, the starting block is first sawn and then hollowed out internally to create the base, back and perimeter body of the tub. These components are then meticulously milled and finished by hand to provide visual and tactile softness. By hollowing out the inside of the block, parallelepiped-shaped pieces that would otherwise be turned into powder are saved and used to create complements to the collection. This procedural project represents a conscious effort to utilize marble in a more rational and responsible manner.