Miracle Chips

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Miracle Chips is a set of seven marble objects that resemble giant potato chips.

Manufactured thanks to state-of-the-art technologies of Luce Di Carrara, each piece is carved from a single solid block of marble to create these intricate and delicate forms. The name is inspired both by the 2010 book Miracle Crisps by Californian artist John Baldessari and by the DCW chairs made of molded plywood by Ray and Charles Eames, nicknamed Potato Chip chairs. Originally presented during a previous exhibition, the set is now part of the Luce Di Carrara offering and it perfectly reflects the design and artistic side of the brand. The design is also inspired by the ‘miracle fish,’ a red cellophane fortune-telling toy that curls and wriggles in response to the warmth and moisture of one’s hand, which is believed to reveal the specific moods, emotions and temperament of the person holding it.