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Kairo is an armchair and a coffee table, each made from a single block of marble.

Each individual monolith features sculpted volumes with evolving shapes and continuous surfaces from front to back. Originally designed in scented cedar and born from a single block of wood, the project has been reinterpreted to produce a stunning piece of furniture from a single block of marble. The unusual double-arch form carved into the chair draws its inspiration from a trip to Egypt. The solid block of marble is first cut and then placed into one of Luce Di Carrara’s special machines that carves the block around the clock to obtain the required shape. It takes hours to create the final contour of the armchairs and coffee tables. Then each piece is smoothened all painstakingly done by hand, to achieve those perfect volumes. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, these monoliths are the true expression of marble and its variations, allowing each piece to flow and evolve.