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Inspired by the traditional forms of the industrial faucets, the BOLD collection is marked by solid outlines and essential and functional shapes that make it the perfect choice for spaces with strong features and personality.

BOLD reinvents an ordinary design language by capturing its essence and renovating it with the addition of little peculiar details. As part of the Luce Di Carrara offering, Bold’s design is tweaked and adapted with the addition of marble inserts into the handles. The inserts come either in honed marble or in one of our unique textures. This ‘Total Look’ solution allows customers to perfectly match the look of their faucets with that of the marble coverings featured on their walls. This almost sleepless transition between functionality and decoration gives new meaning to the use of marble in bathrooms and kitchens. The BOLD collection is a perfect fusion of elemental basics, reimagined with a contemporary twist to suit a wide range of styles and an intuitive understanding of water control.