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The Bicolore collection, as the name suggests, forges two different marbles into a single bowl conveying the beauty of these natural stones in a completely unique way.

This result can only be achieved through the fusion of machine and man, working together in perfect harmony to create a delicate layer that is otherwise impossible to find in nature, merging two territories and histories in one object. Its potential for variations in color and size not only creates an ever-changing hue from any perspective, but also tells the unique story of each natural stone used to craft it. Merging materials with contrasting colors and veins in a single volume, the bowls are ready to elevate and embrace whatever you desire to hold, protect and display. They come in two sizes and can be used in different contexts. On a dining table they can easily become the center of attention, a statement, ready to serve or present. Whether placed in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, they are always evocative and ready to treasure whatever it may contain.