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A handle inspired by the Bauhaus and by the values it embodies. Solid elements, geometric and essential lines, interpretations between form and function, craftsmanship in manufacturing and refinement of materials.

These values give an additional meaning to the vision of ‘Living Marble’ and enrich the ‘Total Look’ offering of Luce Di Carrara. Together with our wall and door covering solutions, the Bau handle adds another level of materiality to our specially selected marbles, further enriching them with various brass finishes including chrome, anthracite and gold. The handle is composed of three distinct elements, each with its own specific function. The metal pin and lever provide the necessary structure for transmitting effort and movement, while the cylindrical grip is made from a suitable material and securely interlocks with the lever, ensuring an effective and stable hold. Everything is modulated and proportioned to achieve an overall balance. Marble is both malleable and expressive, allowing it to be precisely shaped while still retaining its unique character. Vision, creativity and technique give rise to the opportunity to show not only the versatility of marble, but also the reason why it has always occupied a special place in the history of humankind.