Living Marble – Milano Design Week ’24

Thank you to all those who visited us during Milano Design Week 2024.


We’re delighted by the enthusiastic response to the novelties presented at our showroom during Milano Design Week 2024, where we welcomed a multitude of visits from curious design enthusiasts. This success honors us and surpassed our expectations.



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Total Look

The novelties in the 2024 collection seamlessly integrate with pieces from our previous Surfaces and Objects collections, ensuring the creation of Total Look marble spaces that will define all your environments.


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 Endless Surfaces


We also showcased our extensive Surfaces collection, featuring large slabs available in formats that are unparalleled on the market. The wide range of colors and textures of natural stone highlights its remarkable versatility for both indoor and outdoor spaces, offering unique wall coverings for customers to envision various compositions and patterns.


Go to our Surfaces collection.


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Spinning Around


Did you take a spin on Cosimo armchair? Sean Dix’s design innovatively redefines marble furniture, turning stone into a lightweight, practical, and playful element, while still preserving its innate elegance.


Discover the 2024 collections Cosimo and Omo by Sean Dix.




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Sinuous Shapes


Crafted through Carole Baijings’ Atelier-way-of-working, Muze vases take shape from a folded paper sheet, resulting in elegant and delicately rounded forms ready to embrace your bouquets. Let this collection inspire you to celebrate life’s beauty.


Discover the 2024 collections Muze, Perforations and Lust by Carole Baijings


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Ethical Material Use


“Materia Natura” is Fuorisalone 2024’s theme, emphasizing sustainable design principles in a culture of conscious creation. In line with this ethos, Davide Oldani’s tableware reuses scraps and leftovers from other projects. Various marble slabs or scraps are carefully reassembled to create new blocks, giving the stone a second life. Futuro Perfetto offers a flawless mise en place, while Passato Imperfetto celebrates the stone’s raw beauty with its imperfections.


Discover the full collection by Davide Oldani.


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Less is More


Elemento collection by Andrea Saccavini embodies simplicity, offering a visual relief amidst the myriad stimuli of Milan’s most chaotic week. Inspired by formal essence, mathematical rigor, and geometric purity, the collection aims to eliminate the unnecessary. The result? A line of marble products, ranging from candle holders to catch-all trays, ideal for various spaces like bathrooms, living rooms, hôtellerie and wellness environments.


Discover the full 2024 collection by Andrea Saccavini.


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