Cosimo – The creation of timeless elegance

Past and future

The Cosimo dining chair and armchair feature a sinuous form expertly sculpted from the finest Italian marble. This creation blends advanced robotic technology with exceptional traditional craftsmanship, embodying a seamless union of past and future.


Precision and Craftsmanship

The design process is one of careful refinement, achieved through the innovative use of in-house machinery and high-precision 7-axis robotic technology, specifically developed to meet the exclusive needs of Luce di Carrara.


Each Cosimo Chair undergoes a meticulous process, taking over 80 hours of robotic machining and an additional 10 hours of hand finishing by our skilled artisans. This ensures that every piece not only meets our high-quality standards but also possesses a unique character. The final product offers remarkable comfort and support, with a smooth, velvety texture that exemplifies both innovation and timeless craftsmanship.


A Collaboration of Visionaries

The development of the Cosimo Chair was an intriguing challenge – a previously unexplored approach to design for me, and an opportunity to work in collaboration with the visionary Paolo Carli and his talented team at Luce di Carrara. The experience and uncompromising dedication of these artisans has been an opportunity for me to learn from talented specialists who continuously challenge themselves and the limits of the material.” – Sean Dix


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The Cosimo chair exudes a subtle presence that is both rigorous and soft, confident and welcoming. It discreetly communicates uncompromising quality and a quiet air of refinement. Inspired by the reductionist simplicity of Minimalism and the centuries-old marble craft tradition of Tuscany, Cosimo’s understated geometry boasts sculptural elegance. Its swivel mechanism transforms stone into a versatile seating solution, making it an ideal companion at your dining table or as a pivoting feature in a lounge setting. The fluid form of the Cosimo chair embodies modernity and refined charm, allowing its subtle design to speak volumes while maintaining an air of timeless luxury.


A new direction in chair design

Luce di Carrara’s profound depth of tradition and Paolo Carli’s legendary pursuit of innovation has resulted in our first collaboration: the Cosimo Chair (with two variations – dining and lounge, both with swivel mechanisms) that present at least one new direction for chair design.” – Sean Dix



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The allure of additive design

The allure of additive design is irresistible, especially when it originates in the mind of the designer and evolves through notes, sketches, computer models, and renderings. There’s excitement in discovering new approaches to traditional ideas and connecting them seamlessly. And if an element doesn’t quite fit, you can always discard it and start anew, embracing the iterative journey of creation.


Photo credits : Nicola Gnesi


The full story, available this summer on Marmo 12, where you can read an indepth essay about the creative process behind the birth of Cosimo.