An Atelier way of working

Capturing distinctive details

Carol Baijings redefines traditional bowls, vese’s and tray trough intricate perforations, folds and geometric grids creating delightful visual experiences.During our studio visit, we aimed to observe, capture, and convey the distinctive details characteristic of her work.


Light and Shadow Play

A perfect example of this is Perforations, a collection of sculptural marble pieces that redefine traditional bowls through intricate perforations, creating a play of light, shadow, and form. The collection comprises bowls in various sizes, each with its own unique hole dimensions. This series transforms the functional vessel into an aesthetic experience, showcasing the delicate dance of translucency and shadows on natural stone.


Photo credits : Nicola Gnesi


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“I immediately thought of perforating the marble to make it lighter, transparent, almost see-through, and to play with light and shadow, both with the inside and outside of the form, with the different colors and patterns of the marble, and what you place inside it” – Carole Baijings


Geometric Elegance

The Lust Tray Collection on the other hand, combines geometric grids and gentle contours to create a delightful visual experience. It marries bold shapes with a subtle pattern, available in two heights and in both round and oval shapes. Carole transforms marble into the star of your gatherings, offering the perfect mix of style and practicality, and adding a classy charm to your space. Embracing the idea of living marble, these trays elevate your table setup with their simple yet contemporary design, bringing a touch of magic to any occasion.


“Here, high-tech production techniques come together with craftsmanship, balancing the most advanced robotic arms, perforating the holes out of millimeter-thick marble tourning it into a piece of art.” – Carole Baijings


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Dreamy Abstraction

Muze on the other hand is a dreamy abstraction, a vase collection inspired by the artist’s hands-on approach. The resulting shape exudes elegance, with subtle hints of femininity, roundness, and intricate detail, enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow. The vase itself becomes a canvas for nature’s beauty, cradling bouquets with grace.


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“My ‘Atelier way of working’ means that my team and I always mix our own colors, create our own materials, and design our own models. This approach is also applied to Luce di Carrara. For instance, Muse, my vase, was created by folding a single sheet of paper, transforming it from flat to round and feminine. It’s always special to see what literally unfolds in the studio and to figure out how to translate that into marble in consultation with the Luce di Carrara team. We make paper models to ensure the proportions are human-scale and, in this case, to make sure the flowers fit well and fall beautifully.” – Carole Bajings




The full story, available this summer on Marmo 12, where you can read an indepth essay about Carole and her creative process working with marble.