Luce di Carrara was born at the beginning of the 2000s, based on a Made in Italy principle: combining the uniqueness of natural stone with a design attitude. The company wanted to find a new approach to upgrade marble, making it more versatile: Luce di Carrara revolutionised the way to research, extract, analyse, process and pack materials to offer a wide standardised selection, similar to the one of the ceramic industry. This was made possible thanks to a unique production system. Over the following years, the product range was expanded to offer solutions for bathrooms, living areas and lighting systems, stimulating architects and designers to consciously introduce and implement marble in their creations. The turning point came in 2013, when the brand partnered with Henraux, benefiting from its industrial and technological expertise as well as established relationships with architects, designers and artists, who have shaped marble in multiple forms. Also Henraux saw the potential of this union, seizing the company’s know-how. The merging forces have made the sister companies leaders in the marble project industry, while continuing to innovate and grow. Luce di Carrara is founded on the philosophy of ‘Living Marble’, that means designing the most useful forms for our homes by combining the traditional and the contemporary. These values allow us to best interpret a unique material coming from our Apuan Alps and from all over the world. Luce di Carrara presents a stone collection covering all domestic spaces, both indoor and outdoor, moulded under the creative direction of international designers and architects collaborating with us. Our creative logic is that spaces shape the product and that the design objects in our collection create the history of our homes and thus making them ideal places to live in.


Luce di Carrara combines materials, stories and personalities, to add a distinctive touch to environments. Marble is our soul and it represents the Italian character that moulds our products. The beauty of our territory, the unique history of each area and being truly inventive people made Italians famous throughout the world. Since the beginning, we at Luce di Carrara have aimed to translate the raw material of marble into different languages, conveying emotions worldwide in a personal and unique way. Each piece of marble that we carefully select has its own texture, its own size, its own history, just as each of our customers has an individual character, personal projects and dreams. Interior designers and architects in our entourage are well aware of this and combine these two worlds to create iconic, timeless yet contemporary pieces. Uniqueness and at the same time coherence: Luce di Carrara designs tailor-made environments to suit every customer, embracing all areas of the home and everyone’s desires. From coverings, to bathrooms, to living areas, outdoor and home decoration, we offer the possibility to create a contemporary ‘Total Look’ in natural stone that follows an elegant and refined design.


Luce Di Carrara draws the raw material from its own marble quarries. The selection of materials is wide, ranging from some of the finest Bianco, Versilys, Calcatta, Statuario and Arabescato marble. In addition to these, we offer an accurate selection of more than 30 different types of natural stones from all over the world, carefully sorted out according to their quality and peculiarities. Our materials encompass the mood of the times and our colour palette combines different tones of greys and browns, with a spectrum of earthly colours that warm up the ambience. Our selection has been carefully designed to offer a gamut of stones that are both elegant and versatile, capable of creating unique pieces and at the same time a range of products that can be chromatically coordinated with each other. Our natural stones are treated to be as strong and light as possible, to make them easy to handle and install. Thanks to its long-standing experience and in-house material processing capacity, Luce di Carrara takes care of every step in the production of its pieces, from the extraction of marble, to the selection of blocks, the transport for material treatment, and the final installation. This process guarantees the exclusive use of premium quality stone, transformed to create objects and surfaces with unrivalled textures. Thanks to its in-house machinery and high precision robotic technology, the company is able to use cutting-edge instruments specifically developed and modified for the exclusive needs of Luce Di Carrara. These machines allow for the company to slice, cut, mill and reinforce the stones, using the most advanced 7 axis robots, including computer numerical control machines, precision cutting water jets and vacuum sealing technologies to provide resistance to certain fracture prone materials. The machines are guided by the ancestral experience of our artisans, ensuring that each product is hand-finished and matching the high quality standards of Luce di Carrara, turning each piece into a truly unique item.


Thanks to years of experience gained working on a variety of projects, the Luce di Carrara team designs products considering customers’ wishes. Luce di Carrara has the opportunity to consult designers and architects to adapt and modify standardised products, in order to suit the specific needs of each project. This is possible thanks to our wide selection of materials, which give a personal touch to all our standardised products, making them perfect for any environment and project. Not only stone: thanks to its in-house technologies, Luce di Carrara is able to combine natural stone with other natural materials such as wood, metal and glass. Thanks to the efficiency and precision of its internal logistics department, Luce di Carrara can handle transports of all kinds, assuring that each piece is hand-packed and carefully protected to be safely transported and arrive at its destination intact and on time. With years of experience in the realisation of site-specific projects all over the world, different from each other and with various logistics, Luce di Carrara can easily complete highly complex projects. Our products follow guidelines developed to guarantee the provision of Plug & Play products that are easy to install, also offering support from our specialists. When possible, Luce di Carrara considers further customisation, with on-site measurement, installation and stone treatment services. Every customer is unique and has personal needs. Through professional consultancy, the client is guided in the choice of natural stones to ensure the realisation of everyone’s dreams.


There are few things more precious than natural stone, and like everything around us we need to make sure that we give it the necessary love and affection to ensure its longevity. Marble is durable, but over time it will lose some of its fine qualities. For this reason, we at Luce Di Carrara have drawn up appropriate guidelines for taking care of it, in order that it will stand the test of time. Our materials are reinforced with special sealants during both production and installation, each tested over time to offer the best protection and performance. They are therefore perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and all you should do to preserve their natural beauty is to clean them regularly with water and then dry them effortlessly with a cloth. However, in some cases you may wish to wipe them more deeply, using specific cleaning products types from the one’s recommended by Luce Di Carrara. Whichever method is chosen, it is essential that water and detergents are properly removed to avoid stubborn stains on surfaces. Protection and care are key to keep the wonderful and divine natural stone at its maximum splendour.


Natural stone is extremely versatile in its application and has always been adored by architects as a finishing touch to their projects. Elegant and timeless, each tile has its own unique story to tell. Nevertheless, bringing out their personality is not always simple. We at Luce di Carrara value this aspect and we offer 12 mm slabs in three unique formats – 30x60cm / 45x90cm / 60x120cm – incomparable to those of our competitors. We seek to elevate and allow each marble to best express itself and its characteristics, whether polished or enriched with one of our unique textures. These carefully designed formats can be perfectly adapted to the needs of indoor and outdoor spaces, resulting in unique wall coverings that create wonderful spaces, offering our customers the possibility to imagine various compositions and patterns.