Marmomacc 2015
Marmeria and Filomena, The unusual Marble

The design of light Carrara is protagonist at Marmomacc 2015 with two new creations , Marmeria library entirely of marble, unique in the world, designed by Archea Associati in Florence, a preview in Verona, and FILOMENA, the marble raised sweets by Baldessari&Baldessari .

In a booth entirely designed by Archea Associati Florence, Henraux Spa introduces himself with the Verona Marmomacc 2015 with many important innovations related to its stone materials, those marbles of the Most famous worldwide for the beauty, preciousness and the excellent workmanship.

Verona will see a preview of the presentation of Marmeria, unique item designed by Archea Associati Florence. Marmeria, which is part of the design of Luce di Carrara Brand , is the first library built entirely of marble.

Filomena is further preview, designed by Baldessari e Baldessari, a small and extraordinary back splash for the center tablet hat converts also in sculpture.
From the quarries to the finished product, the Henraux Spa Querceta ( LU ) from 1821 to today is synonymous with marble, two hundred years of tradition and excellence, and industrial life of successes around the world, they have made it a leader in the fieldexcavation and processing of marble.

From unique materials and precious quarry of the Monte Altissimo, the processing of the same plants in Querceta hands of workers of excellence and highly advanced robotic systems , the Henraux Spa is a source of ideas and creativity.
Alongside the traditional activities stone architecture have emerged in recent years the lines of indoor and outdoor light Carrara, the brand that celebrates the value and the ductility of marble.

Luce di Carrara presents a collection of stone materials and a set of objects and furniture systems. By prestigious materials to the finished product, showing that the marble, with all its variables expressive and functional, is not only matter, but the reason for the shape of the objects created through a design concept and are able to interpret the aesthetics of a material so unique and extraordinary as that of our Apuan Alps, marble quarries unique in the world.

Today in Verona, in a surprising display, visitors will encounter a large installation of Marmeria, twenty-four meters of library marble designed by Archea Associati in Florence, which sees its world debut here. This is "The unusual Marble": Unexpected library, composed of elements in white marble of the Monte Altissimo, which makes the space at the same time, innovative and traditional, metropolitan and design, a blend of mobile modular and object art. The individual elements, to be composed in infinite configurations, take advantage of the opportunities associated with the choice of marble: the material, the colours, the tactile nature ranging from the diversity of the marble gloss finish.

An open system which, through the flexibility of combinatorial modules, allows to obtain a drawing and a picture always different. The elements, realized in four different geometric configurations to a depth of 30.5 cm, a width varying from 17 to 29 cm, to a height of 40 cm, allow an assembly by simple superposition of individual elements. The maximum height to obtain a library free standing without anchors to the wall is 200 cm, while the width is free depending on the necessity. The weight of each single element is variable between 18 and 22 kg: the weight of each row of the library is, therefore, of 80 kg per linear meter.

Continuing instead with Filomena, raised sweets new center piece, the search path started by Michela and Paolo Baldessari with the collection wire Luce di Carrara, where the thickness of the marble and the "open forms" obtained assume plasticity and lightness in sculptural sense.
Filomena with the thickness of the structure and the plan has become very thin, just 6 mm, a sort of quintessence of matter, a game form, a strip of marble that challenge the expressive potential of the material. The base of the elegant new raised center piece is a game of plot that Baldessari use with remarkable taste interpretation, tyingit to thinplate.

In a sign of continuity with the collection Filo, the new name given to Filomena evokes the generous tables and extraordinary and magnificent recipes Traditional Italian desserts.

Filomena will be previewed at the Marmomacc in the project "at the table with the design, the marble at the center, the center piece project for" cultural pavilion (Hall 1, "The Italian Stone Theatre") in an area of Marmomacc Special for catering.