Luce di Carrara enters Dada/Molteni & C. House

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In occasion of the setting of the new InDada Collections 2016 and the creation of the new catalogue, Luce di Carrara has been selected as the design company for marble objects.

Filo, the statuarietto tray with cedar wood dish signed by Baldessari e Baldessari, in line with the new Dada/Molteni & C Collection, focusing on the richness of simplicity and on refined and sophisticated lines, has been photographed and presented in this exclusive and renowned context of great prestige.

Confirmed, thanks to this new partnership, the value and satisfaction on an international and national level, of Luce di Carrara’s living indoor projects.

© Dada, presentazione collezione INDada 2015 Set up: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio
Foto catalogo: Andrea Martiradonna